Why NetApp for data protection

Data protection, meet data performance. With NetApp® solutions, data protection and data performance go hand in hand. It’s all about an integrated and unified approach for addressing everything from data loss to site outages; application or hardware failure; accidental deletion; and malware, ransomware, and viruses.

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  • Protect. Prevent attacks and minimize data losses and downtime.
  • Detect. Proactively identify internal and external threats.
  • Recover. Quickly restore data, workloads, and applications.

Our approach and solutions slash the time it takes to backup and restore your data from days to hours, disaster recovery times from hours to minutes, and continuous availability from parallel systems from minutes to seconds. Your data protection requirements are the impetus behind everything; we build solutions around your recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs).

Protect against costly data losses and downtime

How significantly do existing approaches to data protection drain resources from production storage? Just consider that, to pad their numbers, many infrastructure vendors turn off data protection when they do performance testing. Not NetApp. We do data protection right by making it foundational to data management.

Modern data storage, built on NetApp ONTAP® data management software, provides unified storage with S3 object access. It also provides block and file concurrent data access for Microsoft Windows and Linux clients and enterprise applications. NetApp technologies can help reduce storage utilization needs by as much as 70% while delivering strong encryption and efficient data mobility. And our combined capabilities provide effective workarounds to ransomware and other threats while enabling you to intelligently manage data across clouds. There's no better place to manage your data than on NetApp systems.

  • Reduce. Cut backup and disaster recovery windows to seconds while lowering backup server costs and speeding up application performance.
  • Optimize. Improve data security and retention with inline and in-place encryption, multifactor authentication to prevent unwanted access, and immutable, indelible data copies for better security and data retention.
  • Maximize. Increase efficiency and data reuse through concurrent backup and disaster recovery. Our solutions provide unified replication, native data access that enables data reuse in production workloads, and object storage tiering to reduce storage cost.

The mounting costs and risks of the status quo

“Complex” doesn’t begin to describe today’s hybrid cloud environments. Systems spread across on prem, private and public cloud environments now run hundreds of applications and workloads that are fed data by countless end-user and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The layers and interdependencies—and hidden security gaps—can be downright bewildering. If you believed that traditional backup, disaster recovery, and security measures were the best way to protect all of it, you wouldn’t be here. After all, traditional approaches to data protection can’t keep pace with IT realities.

  • Time. Between 24/7 performance demands and compound annual data growth rates of 40% to 50%IDC, "Worldwide Data Replication and Protection Software Forecast, 2019–2024: Rough Waters Ahead.", acceptable backup and recovery times are being stretched to breaking points.
  • Cost. You’re spending more on hardware and software to protect proliferating data, when you want to be investing in revenue-generating activities.
  • Risk. Speaking of frustrating budget realities… you can’t afford to skimp on data protection in the face of continual threats and strict regulations around data retention periods, movement, and storage locations.

Pivot or else: It’s time for a strategic shift

$20 billion: the estimated damages from ransomware for 2021Cybercrime Magazine, "Global Ransomware Damage Costs Predicted to Reach $20 Billion (USD) by 2021.

In most organizations, data protection efforts are divided among a host of players. Security teams handle firewalls and virus protection for the perimeter. Storage teams focus on backup and disaster recovery. Application owners often take at least partial responsibility for their solutions. Yet it’s easy to overlook important considerations and updates throughout hybrid environments. And all it takes is a simple human error, cyber security threat, or unforeseen disaster to expose the entire organization. A single compromised password disrupted the Colonial Pipeline and wreaked havoc on regional fuel supplies in the United States.

And traditional backup, restore, and disaster recovery solutions can’t deliver the performance needed to keep operations humming. After all, it can take days to get copies of data from tape backup solutions. Disk-to-disk solutions perform better, but they can still take hours. Moreover, the mirroring of data in most disaster recovery solutions is inefficient and costly.

So, with all the potential recovery and security gaps, how can you quickly identify, respond to, and recover from threats? How can you unify data protection workflows? And how can you do it all while keeping costs in check so you can increase investments in new business drivers?

NetApp delivers robust data protection and rapid recovery for the gamut of catastrophes, human error, and cyber security threats—minus the drag of traditional backup, security, and recovery solutions.

Detect ransomware, viruses, and other critical threats

Effective data analysis can help you detect and head off most critical threats. The challenge is catching the indicators in time—and having the capabilities in place to do something about them.

NetApp Cloud Insights monitors file access patterns for suspicious user activities so you can identify potential ransomware attack victims and stop attacks in their tracks.

NetApp ONTAP provides alerts for unusual storage indicators, including unexpected data growth and NetApp Snapshot™ copy reserve space, as well as efficiency loss, to help identify possible infections. ONTAP also enables you to block files with known malicious extensions or allow files with safe file extensions, integrate with leading virus protection software, and provide audit logging.

Recover in mere seconds or minutes

Complexity is a key culprit in driving up the cost and time involved in backup and disaster recovery. Relying on traditional data protection approaches can be costly and cumbersome. Restoring data from tape or streaming backup can take hours, resulting in potential loss of revenue and user productivity.

Not with NetApp. We can provide integrated data protection solutions that cut backup and disaster recovery times to minutes or seconds—practically eliminating downtime. Our solutions provide:

  • Faster operational recovery—use Snapshot copies to recover files, directories, and volumes in seconds; minimize data loss by using granular point-in-time copies
  • Quicker data recovery from secondary on-premises or cloud-based copies; block-level protection eliminates unnecessary data transfers between devices
  • Rapid disaster recovery—restore petabytes in seconds or minutes from clean local or remote Snapshot copies

IGZ, a solution and service provider for SAP customers, delivers near 100% uptime with the help of rapid recovery using NetApp Snapshot technology.

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