UK – Travel Blog The Travel Blog | News, Tips, Destinations, Hot Deals Tue, 31 Mar 2020 12:50:57 +0000 en-US hourly 1 UK – Travel Blog 32 32 Flights Search Feature Update Goes Live on UK Wed, 14 Feb 2018 07:40:22 +0000 Making an already great flights search site even better, Fly rolls out its latest feature update to its UK site. Fly’s US site has enjoyed these features for several days, and now the UK site gets its makeover. This latest feature release improves users’ experience on the search page and search results page. Consequently, this further aids in finding cheap flights that meet a traveller’s unique requirements.

Some of the latest features added to for finding flights:


Flights Search Page


All-New Flights Search Page’s home page has undergone a makeover. Cosmetically, the search page has an entirely fresh feel. Gone is the classic cloud background, replaced with a beautiful in-flight sunset. The search box is redesigned for simplicity and ease of use. Furthermore, the “Find Cheap Flights” section remains, though now distinctly separate from the search box. This change serves to distinguish it as a supplement to the core search. Also added to the search page is the new “Daily Flight Deals” section, featuring airfare deals all around the world updated daily. Additionally, a link to Fly’s Fly Club™ sign up page introduces new users to our new savings membership; more on this new feature below.


Flights Search Results Fast Filter Bar


Flights Search Fast Filter Bar

Furthermore, Fly’s search results page has seen the bulk of the improvements. The most significant addition is the new “Fast Filter” bar. Its default selection of “Cheapest” sorts flights results just as Fly always has, giving the user what they ask for sorted by price. Equally important, the other three options allow visitors to quickly find the best airfare deals by selecting from one of the other options: Secret Deals, Alternate Dates, or Nearby Airports.



Flights Search Results for Secret Deals


Fly’s Secret Deals

Possibly the best option available to travelers is Fly’s all-new “Secret Deals” results. This function displays search results for the chosen route and dates, but provides deals whose details cannot be displayed to users unless they are logged in to Fly Club™. These are special offer airlines, representing the best value available for air travel. When not logged in, the Secret Deals results remain obscured, however, registered users are presented with full itinerary details while logged in. Those not registered may signup for Fly Club™, or call Fly’s support center to receive full details on these flights.



Flights Search Results for Alternate Dates


Flights Search Results on Alternate Dates

While travel dates are often quite specific, many travelers allow flexibility in their travel schedule to get the best cheap flights. When users perform a search using, they get results for exactly what they searched for sorted by price by default. However, savvy travelers can make use of the Fast Filter bar to choose from Alternate Dates for better prices.


Flights Search Results for Nearby Airports


Flights Search Results for Nearby Airports

Similarly to selecting Alternate Dates using the Fast Filter bar, users can opt to view results for airports nearby either their origin or destination.



Flights Search Results Modify Search


New Modify Search Bar

Replacing the previous “Modify Search” box that opened in the foreground of the page, the flights search results page now utilizes an expandable flight search box. This new layout is designed to expedite and simplify users’ experience when performing a new search.



Flights Savings Membership Sign Up


Fly Club™

Together with the latest features detailed above, Fly Club™ represents the latest stage of evolution in flights search. To learn more, visit the signup page here.

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