NetApp and VMware: Modernized, hybrid, flexible, scalable, efficient

All the buzzwords, made into real solutions. 20 years of co-development and native integrations in our hybrid cloud solutions from NetApp and VMware give you the right architecture and approach to operational efficiency in your virtualized datacenter for hybrid cloud glory.

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Why NetApp for VMware?

Your apps, your data, one unified platform

How could 18,000+ customers be wrong? NetApp and VMware have spent the past 20 years defining the virtualized datacenter with the most trusted storage and virtualized infrastructure solutions around. And we deliver it all on a unified digital platform that unlocks the performance, efficiency, and cost savings for your virtualized applications.

NetApp solutions enable you to modernize your IT environment and create a unified data fabric that seamlessly integrates your hybrid infrastructure no matter where you put your applications and workloads.


See how a local school district experienced a 160% ROI in year 1 for VMware VDI.


Users typically save around 70% on the cost of running VMware on AWS because customers switch between tiers at will.


With the help of NVMe, run VMware workloads and experience 75% lower latencies.


Integrated storage efficiency delivers 5-30X lower storage costs for VMware workloads.

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Application freedom—it's a Tanzu thing

Dev and Ops, NetApp and VMware, it's a Tanzu match made in heaven. Make the most of your containerized infrastructure on the strength of our rock-solid integration with VMware Tanzu. Native to any cloud, your Kubernetes infrastructure just got a lot more modern and simple.

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Together, our solutions make your infrastructure stronger

Future-proof your infrastructure. With VMware on NetApp, our native integrations give you more performance, lower latencies, and even lower storage costs.


Migrate VMs to Google Cloud

Learn how simple data management for Google Cloud VMware Engine can be.


Tanzu massive scale-out

See how to make the most of your containerized infrastructure with VMware Tanzu.


VCF & vVols on NetApp

Explore how NetApp makes virtual desktop deployments easier and with more control.


ONTAP tools for VMware

Learn how to manage your VMware environment with ONTAP tools for vSphere.


FlexPod integrations

Watch demo on Cisco Intersight configurations for NetApp storage and VMware.


Get more from FlexPod

See how to enhance your FlexPod management experience with Cisco Intersight.

Explore storage solutions

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Data center evolution

Modernize your VMware infrastructure by leveraging NetApp ONTAP data efficiencies, including no-penalty Snapshots and FlexClones, inline compression, and deduplication.

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Seamless hybrid cloud

Leverage the integration of VMware VCF and NetApp Cloud Volumes to automatically and intelligently tier cloud workloads for optimum cost/performance ratios.

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Faster app delivery

Build, run, and manage new cloud applications or modernize existing applications without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

All Flash FAS

Simplify configuration and management for VMware with the best-in-class application integration

Consolidate with FlexPod

Simplify and accelerate your deployments with an ideal solution for shared workloads.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Enterprise grade storage in the cloud.


Streamline backup management. Deliver integrated data protection for VMware.

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