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A diverse set of users and a strong emphasis on research creates data management challenges for an IT department focused on service delivery.
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University research in the 21st Century is heavily dependent on data-intensive applications. Supporting this research -- and the back office functions and productivity applications used throughout -- demands a flexible, scalable IT infrastructure.

University Information Services (UIS) is contributing to a long tradition of innovation -- one that includes Sir Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking - by bringing a service-oriented, customer-centric approach to supporting the Colleges, departments and projects that make up the university.

NetApp provides the data storage platform necessary to support research, and innovation, in any field, to advance the ideals of the University of Cambridge.

Within the past 12 months, the delivery of new services has accelerated more than anything in the past 10 years. We can show that IT can deliver a transformation for the university.

Stephen Hoensch, Head of Frontline Services, University of Cambridge

To replace aging SAN investments, the university selected NetApp technology. A project to deploy virtual desktop infrastructure for 2,000 users was the starting point. The ease of creating private cloud services and improving quality of service earned high marks.


2,000 remote desktops deployed and managed within a few days.

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