Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP: Your script for blockbuster performance

Block and file storage, native to AWS

The convenience of Amazon FSx is now paired with the proven data management features of NetApp ONTAP software. Sold, managed, and supported by AWS, FSx for ONTAP meets your demands for performance, data protection, and efficiency. It offers the compute, security, monitoring, and data services you need—integrated with the complete NetApp portfolio.

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Enterprise-great data management​

Whether you use ONTAP in the data center or not, FSx for ONTAP is your ticket to cloud

Trusted in thousands of data centers, NetApp® ONTAP® provides a powerful set of storage and data management features to power primary workloads and build modern applications. FSx for ONTAP brings the full capabilities of ONTAP to a native AWS managed service delivering a consistent hybrid cloud experience. What you get in the data center—performance, control, reliability—you can now get in AWS.

Unlike some of our competitors who offer watered-down “cloud” solutions as an afterthought, FSx for ONTAP delivers everything you need. Get full support for block and file storage for Windows and Linux workloads—it’s the first time these multiprotocol capabilities have been available as a fully managed service.

Extend and migrate enterprise apps with ease

With multiprotocol support for Linux, Windows, and iSCSI instances, you can run applications in AWS without changing how you store or manage your data.

Optimize performance and costs

You can do without the headaches of data silos. Consolidate for efficiency. Simplify operations with continuously automated data management that extends across your hybrid cloud.

Get real-time data protection

FSx for ONTAP enables broadly accessible data that’s protected and secure, compliant and governed, analyzed and monitored.

Build and test cloud-native apps faster

Achieve success by implementing and maintaining infrastructure as code, making it faster and easier than ever to develop new applications.

We make it easy to focus on your business

Fully managed FSx for ONTAP keeps it simple. It lets you launch, run, and scale storage on AWS with just a few clicks or API calls. You can migrate applications to AWS without rearchitecting or refactoring, enable cloud-based backup and DR, speed up dev/test cycles, all while protecting data and ensuring compliance.

Let’s talk through your organizations’ needs and explore specific use cases.

Run applications in AWS with all the benefits of ONTAP

For the first time, customers can consume NetApp ONTAP in AWS just as they’ve consumed it on premises. With access to NFS, SMB, and iSCSI protocols, ONTAP’s full capabilities are available wherever data resides. Build applications faster with multiprotocol support, hybrid caching, and bursting capabilities.

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Manage data more effectively

As the only cloud-native service to support both AWS and NetApp APIs, you can set up and manage your data from the AWS Management Console or NetApp Cloud Manager. Take advantage of the data protection and management services that have made NetApp famous.

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Keep your data compliant, highly available, and secure

Reduce backup times and instantly restore data with zero-impact NetApp Snapshot™ copies. Get built-in automation to replicate copies across AWS Availability Zones (AZs) and gain control with cost-effective, incremental-forever, block-based backups.

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Get advanced infrastructure automation

With Spot by NetApp, you can continually optimize storage and compute resources to match application needs for virtual machines and containers. Advanced automation cost-effectively provisions resources to applications when they need them.

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Turn raw data into valuable and actionable insights

Use SnapMirror® replication to efficiently migrate from on-premises ONTAP and transfer NAS data from third-party aging filers with Cloud Sync. Once in AWS, gain hybrid cloud visibility of your infrastructure to identify cloud waste and halt ransomware.

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We love a good win-win-win

In its three recent Radars, GigaOm ranked NetApp #1 in Primary Storage for Large Enterprises, Enterprise Scale-out File Systems, and Cloud File Systems.Source: GigaOm, Data Storage for the Hybrid Multicloud Era, January 25, 2022

Why NetApp and AWS

We’re committed to helping you navigate data challenges and get more value from the cloud. With NetApp cloud solutions, you maintain full control over your data across hybrid cloud environments. Get the same efficiencies you’d expect on premises but readily available in the AWS cloud—all from one ONTAP environment.

AWS + NetApp

Cloud-first IT requires business-critical storage technology

To accelerate your journey to cloud, you need services that can deliver high performance and highly available cloud storage for your applications. These services should speed the migration of applications and workloads to the cloud and facilitate management. You need a solution that exceeds data center capabilities while surpassing the benefits of traditional, cloud-native options.

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP now makes it even easier for customers to migrate applications and run them on AWS using the same familiar file storage workflows and data management capabilities they use today on premises.

Wayne Duso, Vice President of File, Edge, and Data Services, AWS

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Explore the capabilities

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP delivers the full ONTAP experience, combined with the agility, scalability, and simplicity of an AWS service. Check it out with AWS’ Bill Vass and NetApp’s Anthony Lye.

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Take a tour of FSx for ONTAP

What does it mean to extend the capabilities of the ONTAP file system to a native AWS managed service? What does this offer storage admins and enterprise architects? AWS’ Adrian De Luca and The CTO Advisor’s Keith Townsend break it down.

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Centrally manage hybrid cloud storage

NetApp Cloud Manager provides an intuitive control plane for NetApp’s Cloud Volumes platform and integrated services. With Cloud Manager, you can manage any ONTAP-based storage solution, including FSx for ONTAP.

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Next steps

Customers in every global industry rely on NetApp, our network of channel partners, and teams of cloud data specialists. Together, we’ll make it easy for you to adopt fully managed Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP.

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Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP can be the catalyst to speed your move to AWS and run cloud-native applications.

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