NetApp's latest cloud management enhancements put you in charge

Growing cloud footprints need unmatched control, protection, and efficiency. Our latest cloud portfolio enhancements deliver everything you need to take charge.

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What's new

The innovation train keeps rolling down the tracks

NetApp's comprehensive cloud portfolio delivers new capabilities to help you bolster security, simplify operations, optimize costs, and lay a foundation for modern enterprise applications. No matter what type of hybrid or multicloud environment you have, NetApp has a solution.

  • NetApp Cloud Manager has enhanced ransomware protection to classify sensitive data, monitor for suspicious activity, automatically identify anomalies, and quickly recover data with immutable backups.
  • The Cloud Manager digital wallet is now integrated with NetApp Keystone Flex Subscriptions, a pay-as-you-grow subscription-based service that delivers a seamless hybrid cloud experience for those preferring OpEx consumption models to upfront CapEx or leasing.
  • NetApp Cloud Insights delivers intelligent insights with AI-based risk detection and machine learning driven prescriptive advices. As well as, automated ransomware responses.
  • NetApp Cloud Volumes Edge Cache gives global users fast and secure access to centralized data by caching "active datasets" in distributed offices globally.
  • NetApp is also delivering new ways to support Kubernetes workloads with enterprise-grade persistent stores.

And there is much more...

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Reduce risk

Gain better knowledge across your entire data landscape. Address growing ransomware concerns, while maintaining data protection and business continuity.

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Simplify operations

AI-based tools help detect potential risks. Proactive, prescriptive ML-driven guidance lets you stop problems before they become reality.

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Optimize costs

Moving to the cloud with a distributed workforce? Combine cloud storage, data protection, and edge caching to save big.

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Do more with Kubernetes

More support on more platforms gives you the flexibility to move your Kubernetes workloads whenever and wherever you want.

NetApp's world class data management and storage solutions

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